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Banner ads are a great way to advertise your business or organization. Our Billboard script is set up on 5 popular websites for Northwest Ohio, see list to the right. Price is set at $25 per month per ad.

How it works:

We design a banner ad for placement in the Northwest Ohio Billboard display available at 5 different websites targeted at Northwest Ohio. The Billboard script rotates up to 6 different display ads in a random order and best of all when the visitor clicks on your ad will take them to your selected website or landing page.

The script is loaded on more than 600 web pages available at 5 websites. We track the ad campaign results for you and send a report once a month showing you our counts on how many times your ad was displayed and how many visitors clicked on your banner ad.

Banner ads are 460px X 100px or 6.3” X 1.4” banner, clickable to customer’s website or online sales flyer, we can host the sales flyer for you if needed, just send it our way.

Contact us with your advertising needs, we will set it up to see how you like it. For more info contact Robert Berry at (419) 769-3141.

Northwest Ohio Billboard ads are posted at the following websites:

Northwest Ohio Business Directories

Shop Bryan Ohio

Shop Defiance Ohio



Northwest Ohio Community Websites

Bryan Ohio

Sherwood Ohio

Northwest Ohio Calendar of Events

Northwest Ohio Events


Sample Northwest Ohio Billboard


Bryan Ohio Banner ads provided by Bobbybee.Com

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